Waiting for Willa by Dorothy Eden. 1970, Fawcett Crest.

Willa had apparently run off to marry someone named Gustav. So like WIlla, they told her. Such an impulsive, madcap creature.  But Grace did not believe them. She began to wait. And wait. She asked questions. Too many questions.

Then one night she decided to masquerade as Willa…

Looking good in those gauchos, Grace.

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Sleep in the Woods by the one and only Dorothy Eden.  Originally published in 1960, this copy was put out by Ace in 1967 and has a much creepier cover.

She stood very erect, looking at him levelly and willing her voice to be steady. “I did not mean to tell you here, in the road. I was coming to call on you.” She thought that behind his brilliant gaze he was laughing at her. “Does your offer still stand?”

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Words cannot describe how disappointed I was when I found out that Laurie and Sammy were a heterosexual couple.

They live near Hollywood, go steady, cruise around in a cherry-colored jalopy, have marvelous times together —from high school proms and elegant dates along Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, to chili and pizza, summer jobs, picnics, and cramming for exams.  Inseperable, incomparable, absolutely unforgettable!

Something Foolish, Something Gay by Glen and Jane Sire. Originally published in 1955.  This copy is from 1968 when the book was in its 12th printing!

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